Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doctors getting people back to work

The YouTube video above was shared by the GMC as part of their pre-consultation on updating the guidance on Good Medical Practice(GMP).

Reward to doctors for getting patients back to work is not mentioned in the draft version of Good Medical Practice.  However, for the first time the GMC guidance to doctors includes specific mention of encouraging patients to stay in or to return to employment. I am not aware of the reason why this has been included at this time. The wording is

"51 You must support patients in caring for themselves to empower them to improve and maintain their health. This may include encouraging patients, including those with long-term conditions, to stay in or return to employment or other purposeful activity. You may also advise patients on the effects of their life choices on their health and well-being and the possible outcomes of their treatments."
(my emphasis)

This is specifically raised in the consultation questionnaire:

"At paragraph 51 of this section, we advise doctors that they must support patients in caring for themselves to empower them to improve and maintain their health. This is essentially the same as GMP 2006. But we also now say that such support may include ‘encouraging patients, including those with long term conditions, to stay in or return to employment or other purposeful activity’. 
30 Do you agree this is a reasonable expectation of doctors "

What do you think of this guidance to doctors? The consultation closes on Friday 10th February 2012. Any member of the public can take part.  Find out more here including the link to the e-consultation.

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